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Posted: Sep 18 2012

We know how much you guys love to win stuff and we know a lot of you are super creative and fun.  So we have decided to run a competition that incorporates all of the above! 

Starting at the beginning of this October we will be asking you all to participate in our Photo A Day challenge.  That give you all plenty of time to gather ideas, get your friends involved and most importantly....decide what you want from our shop!  Yep, that's right! You read that correctly...part of the prize will be vouchers for you to spend on whatever you want! 

All you have to do is follow the prompts on the photo a day image below and stick to the rules!


  • Every day in October there is a new prompt for you to follow in the Photo A Day image below.  Take the prompt literally, figuratively, metaphorically or creatively.  We don't care, we just want to see what you come up with!
  • Put the below Photo A Day image with all the prompts on your facebook, instagram, twitter, etc to get you started and get your friends to join in!  
  • Every day (based on the daily prompt), upload a photo or a video .  It's up to you!  
  • Every photo or video that you do must include the Citizen Reign logo somewhere in it!  An image of our logo will be included below and you will also be able to get them off our facebook page.  Just right click on the image and save it or from facebook you can click on options on the image and download it.  You can print it out, digitally put it into an image creatively, paint it on you or something you own or anything else you come up with!  What you cannot do however is change or distort our logo in any way.
  • You must put your daily images on either Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube or a combination of any of these.
  • Each image, video, etc must include a link to our website and/or facebook and if possible tag us in your post.  The links/tags to our: Website:  Facebook:  Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest: @citizenreign  
  • Please hash tag your entries where appropriate with #citizenreign  #photoadayoctober  
  • Tagging or linking us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, etc is really important if you want us to be able to find your entries.
  • All photos, images, videos, etc must be your own.  Photos, artwork, videos, images that are not your own will disqualify you from the competition.
  • No illegal content.  Yes, we know it's fun but we cannot condone this.  We kinda like to try to convince our law enforcers to embrace their latex love!
  • It's ok if you miss a day or come into the competition late but you must make up the days that you have missed before the end of the competition.
  • You need to agree to us being able to to share and reuse your entry photos, videos, etc.  We will not alter them in any way.  You will still own the content.  We will let you know if we use your image/s and/or video/s and credit you.


The most creative and interesting entries win!
Bonus points go to anyone wearing Citizen Reign in any of your entries!  

If you don't already have any of our gorgeous gear we are offering a HUGE 20% off any of our gear get you started just by entering the Promo Code: PHOTOADAYOCTOBER when you go through checkout!  
1st Prize
1 x $100 voucher
2 x $50 vouchers
2 x $25 vouchers
1 x bottle of vivishine
1 x Citizen Reign poster
**1 x Photoshoot with you wearing Citizen Reign and featured as our fan of the month on our website and all our social media 
*More to come
**Photoshoot will only be organised for winners within Brisbane, Australia or those who will be here at the time.  We will try to arrange a shoot for winners outside of the area but cannot guarantee this.  You are still eligible to be our fan of the month and featured on our website and social media however you may have to send us your own photos of you wearing our gear
2nd Prize

2 x $50 vouchers
1 x bottle of vivishine
1 x pair of pasties of your choosing
1 x Citizen Reign poster
*More to come
3rd Prize

1 x $50 voucher
1 x bottle of vivishine
1 x pair of pasties of your choosing
1 x Citizen Reign poster
*More to come

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