Latex couture designed and handmade in Australia


All our designs can be Made To Measure so that they fit you perfectly!

We understand that most of us have a shape and measurements that are completely unique to us and don't necessarily fall within standard sizing.  It is not unusual for a persons top half to be 2-4 size differences from their bottom half or even have completely varying sizes all over.  This is why we offer the bespoke service of having any of our garments made to order. 

There is no surcharge for having any of our designs made up in a different colour.  Please contact us to find out what colours we have in stock.  If you choose a colour that we don't currently have it will take a week or two longer to make because we will have to order it in.

The cost of having on of our existing garments made to  your own measurements will be the standard price plus a 10%-20% surcharge depending on the complexity of the design.

Once you have had a garment made to measure by us we will keep your pattern/s and measurements on file for future use.  If you want to get the same design done again then you will just pay the standard price and the surcharge will not apply.  The only thing you have to do is let us know if you change size!  

If you are looking for unique design made just for you, then head over to our Couture page.

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