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  • Spirit Gum and Remover
Spirit Gum and Remover

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Spirit Gum and Remover


The design studio is currently at capacity and can not take on any more orders.


We know that it can sometimes be hard to get your hands on spirit gum for your pasties.  We also know that removing the spirit gum from your sensitive areas with rubbing alcohol can be less than pleasant to say the least.  This is why we have made these small 2ml glass vials of Sprit Gum and skin friendly Spirit Gum remover for you!  

Small enough to put pop in the little pocket in your handbag or tuck into the side of your bra and the best bit is they hold a lot more than what they look like they do!

We are considering having larger sizes in stock as well so please do let us know if this is something that you want.

All our pasties come with a vial of each as a set.

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